Video Games

Who and what

What are video games?

Games are things of magic to all ages and races. They can help with our education, our attention, and our life. That’s not what I am talking about.

Most people in the whole wide world. Many people know what a video game is, but where did they come from? Who thought of video games first? Who made the first video game? What was the first video game? Why was Nintendo founded and what was their biggest game?

I am here to answer all of these questions, but before we get going, let me show you what a video game is. A video game is a screen showing you what is happening just like a TV. Video games are different though, because video game gives you choices most of the time and may let you do something to change the end of the game.

The First video game and who made it.

From the information I gathered, that the first video game was technically chess (1950) for the computer. Then there was Spacewar (1962) but those two were normal games some people would get them. Then there was Pong (1972) then later on there was Pac-man (1980).

Pong is one of the most simplest games ever. The game is two white lines bouncing a white pixel back and forth until one misses the pixel and the other one gets a point. It is one player to two players and has many remixed versions of this game with modern technology.

The person who made Pong was Alcorn of the Atari Corporation. Atari was one of the first game corporations in the game industry. Also they made some really good games like Breakout (1976).

What are two of the biggest corporations in the gaming industry?

One big game corporation is Nintendo. Most people in the world knows who and what Nintendo is. Nintendo is a big and old game industry which has been successful for a very long time.

One other corporation is SEGA. SEGA is another big and old but not as old as Nintendo. Many people know who SEGA but if you don’t SEGA is a game corporation that has spawned many games.

Both of these corporations are big rivals in the game industry. Both have big mascots, Nintendo uses Mario and SEGA uses Sonic. They both have earned a lot of money in the past few years, and both corporations will keep trying to beat each other. They are rivals because they want to beat each other in the number of fans.

Who thought of the first video game?

This was challenging to discover because not many websites know who thought of the first video game. From my information I have found the “father” of video gaming. This man is Miyamoto, Shigeru.

Miyamoto was born in Sonobe which is near Konto on Nov. 6 1952. He studied graphic design at Kanazawa College of Arts. He was hired at Nintendo for graphic design. He help with many games including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, Metroid Prime, Nitendogs (yes that is how it was spelled on the website), And many more games. (no more information was given)

Why Nintendo was founded and what was there biggest game?

I had to look for this answer but here it is. Nintendo was founded to make playing cards called hanafuda. Later on in 1620 they expanded their business to include games.

There biggest game was super Mario 64 I believe. Super Mario 64 was one of the most successful games in the Nintendo library. Super Mario 64 was a game with Mario in which you jumped into paintings to get to levels to get stars. Stars are what you get for beating a mission and there are 9 missions in every level. After getting enough stars you can go to the boss level which has 1 mission each. There are three areas the ground floor, the basement, and the attic.

The DS version (the game on the DS (which is the first DS before DSI and the 3DS)) is almost the exact same game. The changes are that a few missions are different, there are different characters to unlock, and there is has multiplayer.


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