How it works

After covering a topic, or as an exit ticket, have students write on an index card:

  1. 3 facts
  2. 2 questions
  3. 1 opinion


  • Students record 3 things he/she learned, 2 things they found interesting and would like to know more about, and 1 question they still have about the material.
  • Compare and Contrast: Students record 3 similarities, 2 differences, and one question they have about the material.
  • Reading: Students record 3 most important ideas from the text, 2 supporting details, and 1 question they have about the text.
  • Pyramid: Students draw a triangle and divide it into 3 sections. In the bottom section, students write 3 things they learned that day, in the middle students record 2 questions they have, and in the top students record 1 way the material covered in class is applicable to their everyday lives.

When to use:

This strategy can be used at any point during a lesson to provide students opportunity to reflect on their learning. Some ways to use this strategy include:

  • Checking for Understanding
  • During class discussions for students to record their thoughts
  • Closing activity/Exit Ticket

Technology Integration

  • Mentimeter can be a great way to collect student responses.
  • Create a discussion board in Canvas for students to post and respond to each other's questions and ideas.