Lehigh Regional Clubs Update

New Team and Exciting Times

The New Team!

Excitement is in the air for the Regional Clubs team at Lehigh University. We have brought on three new staff members. Megan Steven's is the new Director of Regional Programs and she is Joined by two Associate Directors, Matt Keefe and Amir Tejani. We are all excited to begin working with our respective clubs right away and strengthening regional programming at Lehigh in 2014!

What about those other wonderful people we used to work with?

Whats up with this new 90 day event planning policy?

Almost all of you have heard by now that the regional programming office (and all other alumni departments at Lehigh) now have a strict policy that mandates planning all of our club activities a minimum of 90 days in advance. With 90 days (or even 180 days for you rockstars out there) to plan events we can make sure each activity is aligned with Lehigh's key strategies and goals and that we have enough time to publicize, market and develop each event to achieve the highest quality and participant turnout.

We understand that initially this may be a little inconvenient, but we truly want to take our clubs to the next level and with over 400 regional events per year we feel this structure will pay off. Your regional programming team is excited to collaborate with you and we look forward to lots of advance planning meetings as well as leveraging innovative communication strategies to make the most of your events.

Cool Stuff Coming Soon...

Our new team is full of energy and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to getting on the road to meet many of our alumni and critical club volunteers. That said, we are hard at work in our office developing club resources and working on multiple projects. In the next few weeks and months you can expect:

  • A revamp of club webpages
  • A brand new volunteer handbook
  • Shared information about best practices and event plans of other clubs
  • Lots of information about the 150 Lehigh vs. Lafayette Game at Yankee Stadium, Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, Our Presidential Search, and the celebration of Lehigh's sesquicentennial!

Of course the coolest new stuff is going to be created by you our volunteers. We look forward to hearing about your new ideas, plans for the year, and interesting ways of connecting with other alumni and strengthening your clubs to make Lehigh a part of your local community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Megan Stevens: mks613@lehigh.edu, 610-758-3686
Matt Keefe: mkk214@lehigh.edu, 610-758-4946
Amir Tejani: apt214@lehigh.edu, 610-758-3069