A Sport That Many Consider To Be An Art.

History of Skateboarding

The concept of skateboarding originated from France. French children were seen riding box scooters, which are boxes with roller skate wheels. But the skateboard we know today were not actually created until the 1960s in California when surfers could no longer surf due to lack of waves and/or weather. From then on, skateboarding spread throughout the world and its popularity level grew tremendously. Today, there are more than 12 million people riding these boards all around the world.

Mechanics of Skateboards

Skateboards consist of six main parts, but are actually so much more complicated. The six main parts, mentioned earlier, are trucks, barrings, grip tape, deck, wheels, and lifters. Lifters are optional but do of course enhance the performance of the rider. The deck is made of wood and is the number one main part of the skateboard. On top of this is where you would find the grip tape. Grip tape is used to help secure the rider on the board. Under the deck is the truck, a metal t shape piece which connect the deck to the wheels. Wheels are the housings and support for the h brand and barrings. Barrings are one of the most important pieces of the board, they vary in performance with quality.
DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS | Beginnings of the skateboard pool riding