Industrializing in America


John Rockefeller

He was born at Richford New York on July 1839and died May 1937 in ormond beach Florida.

His Full name is John Davison Rockefeller

1870 he started his first standard oil company

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Thomas Edison

He was born at Milan Ohio February 11 1847 and died at west Oregon New Jersey October 18 1931. He also had more than 1,000 inventions.
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The great railroad strike of 1877

This strike began on July 14 1877 in martinsburg West Virginia and ended 45 day later in august. Sept. 1873 jaycooke failure of banking film. Strikes protests demand wages in ohio
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Effect of the Native Americans

It trespassed into the Native American land and at the time there was a lot of conflict between white settlers taking over the Native American land the transcontinental railroad took away some of there land
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