Diving into December


We are making progress in work completion during the school day! We have over 96% of our students completing the Wordly Wise packets and Articles of the Week during class time. This shows good use of time management. We are now working on making our work legible for teachers to read!

School Masquerade

The next school dance will be a Masquerade Theme!

This event will take place next Thursday, December 10th.

The cost is $5.00!

Tickets are available in the office!


Make sure a written letter comes to school stating when and why your child was absent within three school days of the absence! This letter goes directly to the attendance office.

Classroom Library

Students have been borrowing books from our classroom library! We need to make sure we return the books too! If you have books that you would like to donate to our library we would also gladly accept them!

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

Late Work Reminder

All late work for the first four and a half weeks of second quarter is due tomorrow 12/3.

Progress Reports will be sent home next week!

Reading Log Update

Students are required to read a total of 100 minutes per week- if they decide to do 20 minutes 5 days a week or if they decide to divvy it up another way it is okay! Students should log their time and summaries into the Reading-Rewards website- they should have already been working on this for several weeks now. The students reach levels for reading and logging their reading. The first 5 students to reach 2000 minutes —— If you read 2000 minutes you will earn the two Music Passes during ELA classtime reward! (not an itunes giftcard- just a paper reward for music during classtime).

Congrats to the 5 students that have earned the 1,000 minute mark as of Monday, November 30th!

Students should have about 700 minutes logged thus far for their Reading-Rewards program!

Volcano Projects

Students will begin research on a self-selected Volcano today.

The requirements are in Learn for the written part of this project as we investigate volcano types, more plate tectonic action, as well as integrate the Social Studies and ancient civilizations some of these occurred in.

Students will begin construction of paper mache' volcanoes next week in the science lab.

We will hopefully be able to explain in Science on Thursday, the 17th and Friday, the 18th.

We will video this presentations to share with you!

THANK you to all the parents who have sent boxes and newspaper. We are still in need of some red food coloring and some DUCT Tape and or masking tape before Monday.

Buzz Math Contract 6

Buzz Math Contract 6 covers the entire unit of Ratios

Dates that are written on the contract sheet are a guide to go along with what we are doing in class.

I will be doing spot checks each Monday to give students a chance to catch up on the weekend if they have busy schedules. There are recommended dates on the contract for completion. I certainly don't mind if a student wants to work ahead, but try not to fall behind.

If one-two nights are dedicated to problem solving, then at minimum, students should be spending 1.5 hours a week on Buzz math at home practicing what we learn in class. Most are doing this, but these are such big concepts, that daily practice is so important.

This week we are uncovering the topics of Ratios, Equivalent ratios, ratio tables, and graphs in class between Nov 30 and Monday,, December 7th.

Rates and Unit Rates-December 8-December 14th

Percents-December 14th-through December 18th

Conversions-January!(I will be integrating these in, but will do a few more lessons on this after the break)

-Well that is the updated plan for right now so we have some review time before EOQs, unless of course we have another power outage!!

This contract is due on Friday, December 18th, so notebooks need to be returned before the holiday.

Work for conversions and unit rate should be with ratio tables, multiplication, or division.

Ratios Problem Puzzler 13

Ratio Problem Puzzler 13 due by next Thursday, December 10th will involve finding Ratios in Real Life. Students will need to discuss ratios within their family and their home.

Students may use pictures of their family members and/or pets, or hobbies for the assignment. Students may also create short video clips for the assignment. Have fun with this assignment!