Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of May 16th

ABC Countdown this week...

Here is our ABC Countdown

Monday- P, Picnic Day, We will eat lunch outside. Bringing your lunch is preferred, but not required.

Tuesday-Q, Quiz your teacher Day, Have a question ready to stump your teacher! If you do you receive a prize!

Wednesday- R, Rainbow Day. Wear a color of the rainbow. MUST be in addition to your Harmony uniform.

Thursday- S, Switch Day, Switch seats with a friend today!

Friday- T, Thank You Day, Write a letter to a Specials teacher to say thank you for all of their hard work this year.

Things to remember...


-Several students have not turned in their permission slips. These MUST be turned in on Monday! Students who have not turned in permission slips with the front and back completed will not be allowed to go!

-Please wear long pants and comfortable shoes!

-I recommend wearing sunscreen and bug spray. This must be put on at home, before you leave for school.

-Please bring a SACK lunch. Everything must be non-refrigerated and disposable.

-If you have signed up to chaperone, please be at the school at 9:00. Remember that you must have your license scanned and you must drive yourself to and from the nature park. We will have a map printed out for you. Also remember, no siblings are allowed and students must ride on the bus to the nature park and back to the school. You may come back to the school and check your student out early if you wish.


FINAL GRADES WILL BE DUE ON FRIDAY! If your student comes home with work to finish, please make sure to get it finished and turned in by Thursday!

I sent an email about summer plans a few weeks ago. No one has responded so far. If anyone would like to share their summer plans (camps, clubs, daycare, activities) please email me and I will put it in our final newsletter next week.

This week we will learn...


We will continue studying poetry and reviewing parts of speech, and writing mechanics.


We will continue reviewing skills from first grade. We will have our End of Year Assessment. We will work on Go Math, 2nd grade skills.


Fun science experiments that review first grade STEMSCopes concepts.


Studies Weekly, Week 28, Let's Review

Armed Forces Day

Have a great weekend!!