John Wilkes Booth

By Rithan Vios and Charlie Nelson

1) "John Wilkes Booth awoke depressed." Page 9

John Wilkes Booth is depressed because of the defeat of the Confederacy. Plus, the Union has another celebration to his disappointment. This is directly stated in the text. The STEAL is, 'Thought'. The character trait revealed is 'Depressed.'

"2) Of all places, Lincoln was coming here. Booth knew the layout of Ford's intimately." Page. 11

The quote indirectly shows that Booth is obsessive. His thoughts show he's obsessive because he has the entire layout of Ford's Theater in his head just to kill Lincoln.
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3) "Booth was a thrill seeker..." Page. 20

This quote directly tells us that Booth is a thrill seeker. His actions show he's a thrill seeker because of his choice of weapon is a pistol that could easily backfire.

4) "Booth had recruited his conspirators to strike against Lincoln." Page. 22

This quote indirectly shows that Booth is very ambitious. His action of hatching an extreme plan to go against Lincoln shows his ambitious trait.

My Prediction

Booth will end up executed. Since he's been described as vain and extremely ambitious, there is a way that Booth could slip up and get caught in by the police. His planning might go wrong, and everything might mess up for him. Then in the end, he'll end up getting caught and punished.