Mishap of Macbeth

Who's To Blame?

Macbeth's Destruction

As of Banquo tries to warn Macbeth when the Witches speak the prophecies ,"And Oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths.Win us with the honest trifles, to betray's in deepest consequence "( 1.3. 132 - 135). Macbeth clearly doesn't take in to what he as to say. Banquo doesn't try anymore because he is afraid of him but yet, he still knows it is wrong. Before the night that the King is killed, Banquo does nothing to help his friend out of the darkness. Macbeth ends up killing his Best friend , Banquo, because of Banquo doing nothing this happens. Macbeth falls when everyone finds out. Banquo is the only reason for Macbeth's downfall. Banquo knew about the witches prophecy and what Macbeth was doing,but he failed to take action to help out his friend. Banquo isn't only a bad friend but a coward. He was afraid of what Macbeth would do which was one of the many cause of Macbeth's downfall and his own death. There is no explanation for Macbeth's downfall except for Banquo.

Change of heart

Lady Macbeth had a powerful strength of will to do what she needed to do in order to get what she wanted.Since Lady Macbeth could be a king in this time , she decided to manipulate Macbeth with reverse Physiology to get what she wanted. She was Manipulative , Cruel , Determination ,Cold-hearted ,and controlling. In the end, these had changed. She started to have a heart , because she started to feel guilty. She had started to feel guilty to the point she was saying things in her sleep. Lady Macbeth even seen blood on her hands and couldn't seem to wash it off no matter how hard she tried. Lady Macbeth's heart changed into more affection and having a change of heart. Though Lady Macbeth was very Evil at the beginning she had changed but on the other side, Macbeth , he was innocent at first when he didn't want to kill the king for powers. as Lady Macbeth manipulated him , he become very selfish and evil. Lady Macbeth realized through her foul deed, how horrible she felt. She was very guilty afterwards proving her change of heart.

"You would fall into the white snow red as strawberries "

Macbeth murdered the king and left the blood on him and forgot to put the knife's by the guards.Lady Macbeth did it as they both fell to their death. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had fallen to their own destruction. Macbeth tried to kill Mac-duff , in which he had failed. He had fallen into the same red snow as King Duncan was murdered in. Mac-duff killed many , Lady Mac-duff was driven into committing suicide because of Macbeth. All in all, his downfall was caused by killing a group of people.This resulted in Macbeth falling into the same red snow he had killed people in.
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