Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? Total Zero!

Why he is a Zero

Andrew Jackson is a zero for many reasons. He did so many bad things during his presidency. He may have done like 2 good things but two wrongs don't make a right. He should not have done the things he did.

For example he engineered a vicious and imperial "Indian Removal Act", which is also known as "The Trail of Tears". Despite what the Indians thought was a fair "exchange", of lands, the act opened a door for the militias of Appalachia and southern states to drive Indians, like cattle, away from their land by force. That act made 150 Cherokee's die, that's so many innocents.

Another example is that when he entered his presidency in office he created the "Spolis System", which created a precedent to hire those who only the people in the president's party to wok for the administration.

Another example is that he was known as a "Common Man", but would a common man live the rest of his days in a mansion with 150 field and household slaves by the 1840s. That's ridiculous no common man would own that many slaves or even live in a mansion.

Andrew Jackson Another Reason he's a Zero

Andrew Jackson learned how to fight and he used that training to kill a man over a gamble that is not what a leader would do, and that's why he is a zero.

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