Travel To New York City

By: Mackenzie wright


Have you ever been to New York? I haven't but I want to, New York is beautiful because of all the buildings and the oceans surrounding it. New York would be a great place to travel because of the places to eat, the sites to see, and the places to go.

Places to Eat in New York

In New York there’re are a lot of food choices. Two of my choices would be, Le Bernardin, a french seafood restaurant. This restaurant offers chef Eric Ripert’s refined seafood. A second restaurant would be, Balthazar,a french cafe fare and pastries.

This restaurant offers traditional bistro fare from breakfast through late night supper. Balthazar offers a French menu prepared by chef cuisine Shane Mcbride.

Sites to see in New York

In new York there are a lot of sites to see. One of those sites is the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building, is located 350 5th Ave New York, NY 10012. The Empire State Building has 102 floors, and is 2,454 ft to the tip. Construction on the Empire State building started March 17, 1930.

Places To Go

A great place to go in New York would be, the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was created October 28, 1886. Construction for the Statue of Liberty started September, 1875.

It is located on Liberty Island, in New York Harbor, in New York City.


In Conclusion, I would want to Travel to New York because I might want to move there. there is so many job opportunities, like nursing,or computer programming, photography, and so much more.