The Champion Celebration

March 2014

Carolyn Champion

Thirty-One Gifts
Independent Senior Director

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9a-5p
Friday: By appointment only!

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This is our place to ask questions, meet other Team Champion of LOV consultants, learn about exclusive contests and incentives, product updates, etc.. You don't want to miss out!

Team and Personal Stats for March 2014:

Team Stats:
Sales: $16,309.50
SDV: $37,835.50

EDV: $56,355.50
Team Size G0: 55

Total Team Size: 175

Directors: 2

My Stats:
PV: $1,739
Recruits: 0
Parties: 2


Kool And The Gang - Celebrate Good Times by wieslawa

Congratulations to our Super Stars!

Top In Sales:

Tracy Reeves $934.50!

Top Partiers:

Lauri Oristano also had 2 Parties!

And look who sold $500 or more!

Director's Corner:

Top in Sales:

Jessica Colley $3,746.50

Top Partier:

Jessica Colley *5 Parties*

Christina Tremblay *2 Parties*

Top Recruiter:

Director Team Sales:

Diamond Divas of LOV $19,866

Pink Patrol $7,058.50

Consultant Spotlight: Christina Tremblay

Tell us about yourself/family?

My name is Christina Tremblay, I am a Director with ThirtyOne. I am married to Captain Paul Tremblay, he is the Commander of the 178th Military Police Company in Monroe, Ga. We have two beautiful daughters, Madison(6) and Tenley(3). We live in Athens, Ga. and are big UGA fans! Go Dawgs!! Woof!!

I started my journey with ThirtyOne on January 30th, 2012, and fell in love with the products so much that I didn’t even want to host a party. I recruited myself and found a friends mom who sold it and called her after ordering from two catalog parties in 2011. My husband was deployed at the time and I was unable to tell him that I joined, so he thought I was just hosting another party. He was worried I had wasted $99, but once he saw my first paycheck he knew I was serious. As soon as I joined I knew I wanted leadership and I asked Carolyn the fastest way to get to Director and I told her to tell me what to do and I did it! I earned all my StartSwell in my first few months and recruited 2 people my first 2weeks of being a new consultant. I made Senior Consultant and earned a bonus in May 2012, and then made Director in June 2012. I have a fabulous team and they love ThirtyOne as much as I do.

What is a fun fact about yourself? I have toured the United States and even visited Canada with my Christian Singing Group, Living Word, based out of Toms River, NJ. It’s been the only time in my life I’ve lived as a Northerner. haha

What is your Thirty-One “Why”? My ThirtyOne “why” continues to change, it was first to pay for my daughters Preschool and have some fun money! It turned into paying off debt, taking us on vacation and now its in our monthly budget and pays for fun things and debt. My next “why” will be to start a savings fund for our family for all the Murphy’s that visit us!! HAHA

What are some tips you can share that brought you your amazing success in your business?

#1. ALWAYS write your goals down! Post them on your fridge!

#2. Focus on your business and work it as hard as you can! If you want to make this a real career/job IT is possible. You have to work it, and you have to work it all the time to be successful. It all depends on YOU! Don’t let other people write your story. Take responsibility for everything, even if it hurts. Work now, so you can play hard later.

What has been the most fun thing you have been able to do with your Thirty-One money?:) Or a financial accomplishment? (paid off a car, able to become a stay-at-home mom, etc…)

#1. Paid for our family to go to DISNEY!!!! ALL funded by ThirtyOne!! I used Dreamrewards and commission to pay for every last dollar of our trip in February 2013!! Even paid for Princess Dresses and cute clothes for them to wear on vacation.

#2. Paid OFF my Durango!!

#3. Paid off my husband car!!! :)