Ashley Long

Ensuring the effectiveness of Educational Technology

About Me

I have spent the last several years emerged in educational technology tools, building my knowledge of a variety of tools and programs, the advantages of using them with our students, and how to most effectively implement them in our classrooms. Through my journey I have not only learned the value of digital fluency, but have also significantly increased my technology skills. I have transitioned from an educator who integrates technology in classroom, to a developer of technology tools and programs, a technology trainer for other educators, and an advocate for increased digital fluency for our educators and students through superior educator training and the seamless integration of technology within our schools.

Increasing Technology Fluency

Facilitating the Shift from Educator to Digital Educator

In an increasingly global and digital world it is vital that educators are equip with the technology skills needed to ensure the success of all students. The technology immersion of educators and sufficient time allotted for exploration is essential to our educators to become effective users of technology. As the number of technology tools rapidly increases I am prepared to successfully identify the tools that best meet the needs of our students and improve our ability to provide the educators with the necessary time and training to seamlessly integrate the tools in their classroom.

Achieving our Educational Technology Goals

Thank you for your time

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping your district achieve their technology goals.