Breaststrokes Auction 10-28-2016

At the Sunsphere in downtown Knoxville!!

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Breaststrokes Annual Auction of Painting Days Artwork is TOMORROW!

Come enjoy delicious food provided by Luxe Catering, Wild Love Bakehouse and Magpies Bakery while you bid on the unique artwork from the 2016 Painting Days and take in the views from the 8th floor of the Sunsphere. Fifty of our favorite photos will be framed and matted for bidding, but ALL of the over 200 photos taken at Painting Days will be printed, matted, and available for purchase. Come check them out! It's an all-ages event!

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we are super excited about helping our local women recipients for 2016. Join us and help us make this event the best one ever!!

Doors open at 6 - bidding ends at 8

You MUST be present at end of bidding to win! No exceptions!

Parking is best in the Locust Street garage, directly across from the YMCA and next door to Pete's (it will be free after 6). Then take the pedestrian walkway over Henley Street to the Sunsphere, and join us on the 8th floor!

FYI - the orange-colored garage across the street from the Locust Street garage belongs to the Hilton, and is NOT free parking at any time.

If you need an Accessible entrance, please drive through the World's Fair Park to the base of the Sunsphere, and enter the Sunsphere elevator from the bottom level.

The 2017 Calendars are also here!!

Did you participate in the 2015 Painting Days? If so, you may be in our 2017 Breaststrokes Calendar! These babies are hot off the presses and ready to keep track of your life in 2017, and they'll be making their big debut at the Auction on Friday the 28th! Come see, come see!! Or, if you can't make it, buy one from our website at the link below!! ($20 if you buy at the auction, $25 if you buy online). They're be-yoooooooutiful!
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Annual Breaststrokes Auction

Friday, Oct. 28th, 6-10pm

Sunsphere, 8th floor






Oh and in case you forgot... It's Halloween weekend and we're having a costume party!

We're gonna be dressed up, so don't hesitate to join us if you feel so moved.

BUT REMEMBER - A COSTUME IS NOT REQUIRED! We know it's no fun to feel like you HAVE to find a costume for something, so please please don't sweat it if you're not into that kind of thing, or if you're just not in the mood to fool with it. Come as you are!

Either way - we'll simply be happy to see you all and to share in this beautiful experience of fundraising for some very grateful local women who have been affected by cancer.

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We are Breaststrokes Knoxville

The Mission of Breaststrokes Knoxville is to impact women in our community through empowerment, artistic expression, and financial support. Breaststrokes will also strive to raise cancer awareness, encourage cancer screenings, and further support the cancer community.