Sports Nutritionist

Emily Dumit

Description of Occupation

- Private consultations to their client to learn about their eating habits/ lifestyle.

- Helps athlete achieve goals by creating custom meal plans, a training schedule, and a list of acceptable vitamins and supplements.

- Specifically look at the sports the client is involved in and creates nutrition plans to keep client healthy enough to continue participating.

Certifications Necessary to Practice

- Registered Dietitian (RD) certification, internship and will need to pass an exam. (optional but makes you look good)

Daily Activities

- Evaluate athletes dietary needs

- Create list of vitamins and minerals to help athlete prevent injury/maintain good health.

- Create meal plan for athelte

Education Requirements

- Bachelor's degree in sports nutrition

- Internships

- Higher the degree = increased job opportunities.


Less than $33,000 a year- more than $75,000

Skills Necessary

- Knowledge of athletics and fitness

- Nutrition background

- Be organized

-Multi task

- Good communication with all age groups

Practice Settings

- Hospitals

- Clinics or wellness centers

-Private Practice

- Universities

Employment Outlook

- Faster than the average 21%

- Due to increased interest in health and sports