Endangered Animals Of Hawaii

Hawaiian Palila


The Palila is apart of the bird species and it weighs about 1.3 to 1.5 ounces. It is about 6 to 6.5 inches long. The Palila is a finch-billed Hawaiian Creeper. The population amount is about 3268 individuals. Males and females are similar having a yellow head, greenish tail, and wings that are gray and black under. Females however have gray masks and less of a yellow on the back.

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Food Chain

Approximately the Palila's diet consists of immature ma mane seeds, flowers, buds, leaves, and naia berries. Caterpillars and other insects comprise the diet of new borns. They are also eaten by adults.

Adaptation and Critical Information

Adaptation: Palila live around 2000-3000 meters high so they can stay away from predators that live on the ground. The recent removal of sheep has increased the regeneration of Mamane giving more food for the Palila to eat. Humans have made more of a help the the Palila. We have begun a program to control the rats and cats on the island to subtract more of the predators of the Palila.

Critical Information: Many programs have been made so that the Palila can survive.


Feral cats, invasive plants, fire, disease, non-native insects, severe weather, and population size is all the things that put the Palila in danger. Feral cats have been eating Palila and is easier for cats because they are quicker and also have the ability to climb.

Although there are so many threats to the Palila, there is still hope to save them.

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Endangered Hawaiian Forest Birds: The Palila


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