Eyelash Extensions

$90 Introductory Price ($150 value)

Artful Lash Extensions by Jennifer

Eyelash Extensions are becoming increasingly popular as more people search for a way to enhance their eyelashes. Lash extensions offer a way to get beautiful eyelashes for a fairly lengthy period of time. Unlike false eyelashes, which can be purchased at nearly any drug store and then self applied, eyelash extensions need the help of a professional. The procedure requires precise placement, and a point of view that is removed from one’s own self. Additionally, because the procedure can take up to an hour and a half to two hours, it requires overall patience. A full set of lashes are approximately 100 lashes total (both eyes). While false eyelashes often look fake and can be irritating and cumbersome, eyelash extensions look natural and feel weightless and cause almost no irritation.

In order to maintain the best look, however, it is a good idea to have touch up lash applications every three weeks or so. Because the extensions are directly attached to the natural lashes, they will fall out as the normal lash cycle progresses. So, while the extensions will not cause lashes to fall prematurely, they will fall as part of the ordinary life of the eyelash. This can create gaps after two or three weeks. If you keep up with touch ups, however, you will be able retain the look at a reasonable price (touch ups usually cost much less than full applications).


Full set of lashes - $90 intro price (save $60)

Refill/Touch-up (recommended every 2-3 weeks) - $40

Lash Removal - $30

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