Lanthanum Information

  • Lanthanum has 57 protons,57 electrons and 82 neutrons
  • The melting point of Lanthanum is 920 degrees Celsius and the boiling point is 3,464 degrees Celsius
  • Lanthanum is a metal and in its normal phase it is a solid
  • It has three oxidation states and is chemically reactive
  • The Atomic Radius is 195 pm and the Ionic Radius is 117.2 pm
  • The Electronegativity is 1.1 and the Ionization Energy for 1 is 518.1

History of Lanthanum

  • A man named Carl Gustaf Mosander discovered Lanthanum
  • The Origin of the name Lanthanum comes from the Greek word "Lanthano."
  • Lanthanum is a rare earth metal
  • On the Periodic Table Lanthanum is a transitional metal in group 3

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties

Silvery White




Chemical Properties

Reacts with most acids and cold water

Reacts with hot water but slower than cold

Reacts with oxygen in the air

Facts and Uses


  • Lanthanum is moderately toxic
  • A rare earth metal found mostly in minerals Monazite and Basthaesite
  • Has 3 Isotopes
  • Is used in some pool products to reduce the amount of Phosphate nutrients that feed algae

Lanthanum is used in....

  • Flint lighters for cigarettes
  • Nickel Hydride rechargeable batteries for hybrid automobiles
  • High quality camera and telescope lenses.
  • Night vision goggles