What Was The Industrial Revolution?

By: Alex Andrews:)

What is the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a time when machine replaced man and new ideas, modern art, business, politics, and a new way of life was formed. Although this was a time of creation there were a few downsides. Child labor became common and machines took place of some people's jobs. It was a nasty time of sanitation and sicknesses swarmed like bees. But many inventions set the tone for some things we cant live without today. Thank goodness for the Industrial Revolution!
Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution

What Was Child Labor?

During the Industrial Revolution when the New Poor Laws were established there were workhouses set up in cities. Many kids that didn't go to school, worked in these workhouses during the day.The conditions were terrible, the machines were dangerous, and the wages were minimal.The children worked all day and some worked the night shift. Some worked by force and others by choice but either way the conditions were harsh and miserable.

What Were Some Inventions in the Industrial Revolution?

  • One Inventor named Eli Whitney created the cotton gin. It picked seeds out of cotton much faster than anyone could do by hand. It made an impact on the number of slaves and eventually led to healthier sanitation with everyone have more than just one pair of clothes.
  • Another inventor named James Watt finalized the steam engine. The steam engine was basically the start of the Industrial Revolution and was used to run most other machines. Later the steam engine was used in boats and trains for transportation.
  • Finally Thomas Edison created the light bulb which in fact light up. This helped the streets not be so dark so people could drive at night. This was not the only use it had though.

These are just a few of the inventions/inventors that came out of the Industrial Revolution.

What was an Assembly Line?

An assembly line was a working method used to increase production in factories. In an assembly line every worker would do only do one job or task in order to get things done quicker. If you were in an assembly line someone would pass you the product, you would do your ONE JOB and pass to the next station. This was a much faster way of working compared to one person doing the whole job.
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To Sum It Up...

The Industrial Revolution had some good parts and bad parts but overall it has built up a better economy and made the world a much more intelligent place. For more information click the button above.