Forged By Fire

Sharon M. Draper

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Characters: Gerald, Aunt Queen ,Angel ,Geralds Mother, and Jordan (stepdad)

Conflict: Abandoned Son ,Drugs , Addiction, and Abuse.

"Gerald was playing with the lighter and she made the fire come put and she held his hand right over the flame."

What age group would i recommend this to ?



How could someone whos been verbally and physically abused still have so much love to offer ? At the age of three, young Gerald has been taken from his mother due to her addiction to drugs and abandoning him. After accidently starting a fire while his mom was gone, his aunt became his parent/guardian. When his loving aunt dies, after many years he goes back to live with his mom. His new stepfather has a bad temper and sexually abuses his half sister Angel. Angel and Gerald don't know each other that well but slowly becomes closer because of their mutual feelings for their stepfather Jordan. Gerald strived to protect Angel from his abusive stepfather and his crack addicted mother. After having a physical altercation Jordan decides to start a fire and Gerald takes angel out of the smoke filled house and try to find help. After police arrive to the scene Gerald is mad that hes no where to be found but he is told that he died in the fire trying to escape. Knowing that made him and Angel feel secure and safe without him.

By Alexas Rivera