Kashmir Conflict

By: Alex G, Harrison S, Dylan G

India v. Pakistan

They are fighting over land in the Kashmir area. The fighting commenced in 1947, and the war lasted for one year. The issue was also known as the First Kashmir War. The fighting ended with the UN intervention.

Silo v. India

In 1962, troops from the People's Republic of China and India fought over land claimed by both. China won an easy victory in the war, resulting in the Chinese annexation of the region called Aksai Chin, which has continued since then. Another smaller area, the Trans-Kakakoram, was demarcated as the Line of Control between China and Pakistan, although some of the territory on the Chinese side is claimed by India to be part of Kashmir.

Kashmir Conflict explained on Google Earth:

Kashmir Conflict

Al-Qaeda Involvement

Al Qaeda says that one of their reasons for attacking United States is because of their involvement in the Kashmir Conflict.

The Kashmir Conflict's Beginning

The Kashmir Conflict started with the Partition of British India in 1947. Both the countries have made claims to Kashmir, based on historical developments and religious affiliations of the Kashmiri people.