Events of the War of 1812

Hailey Uptain

Cause #1 - Impressment

For the second time, Britain and France went to war again. This occurred in 1803. America declared neutrality and wanted to trade with both France And Britain.

Cause #2- Economic Problems: Embargo of 1807

At this event, Jefferson proposed an embargo to avoid a war. This meant all trade with Europe came to a halt. The good news is the ships were safe, but this hurt americas economy tremendously.

Cause #3 - "Madison Elected"

War Hawks wanted war against Britain. In 1810 , new "War Hawk" congressmen from the south and west were elected. The southerners were angered because Britain damaged heir trade with Europe. The westerners blames Britain for the indian attacks.

Cause #4 - Native American Attacks

Americans violated the Treaty of Greenville and moved into native territory. Since the British were still in their western forts, they took the opportunity to arm indians and have them attack Americans.

Battle of Baltimore

The British navy were stopped at Fort McHenry while trying to attack Baltimore. During this, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the Star Spangled Banner. British ships soon retreated.

Battle of New Orleans

Britain's plan was to capture New Orleans and the Mississippi River to cut off trade. This battle was led by Andrew Jackson , who led them to victory. He was considered an national hero.

Effects- Economy

Factories grew during the war. This led to American being less dependent of British manufacturing.

Effects- Politics

William Henry Harrison an Andrew Jackson became heros. But the federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford Convention died out

Effects- Foreign Relations

America became a world power. This sparked the Era of Good Feelings , when America entered a state of Nationalism. America then turned from Europe and moved west to expand.

Effects- Culture

America wanted to be completely different from Europe. They created a unique culture that differed as they wished.