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Current Leader: Ollanta Tumala
Capital: Lima
Neighboring Countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile
Population: 29,549,517
Important Products: Gold, silver, copper, timber
Major Cities: Lima
Climate: Tropical, dry, frigid
Landmarks: Macho Picchu, Saksaywaman
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and Amazonian
Holidays: Christmas, Easter, New Years Day, and Independence Day
Religions: Roman Catholic
Interesting facts: The total size is 1,285,220 square km.The size in comparison is slightly smaller than Alaska.The type of government is constitutional republic.Peru has a lot of riches.Peru has many products that are good for you.Peru has many unneeded resources. Peru got its independence from Spain, July 28 1821.The Inca Empire started in Cuzco, Peru.
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