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April 30,2013 - Your news daily!

Freedom of expression a freedom still?


Jared Marcum -14- wore a NRA (National Riffle Association) t-shirt to Logan middle school when a teacher asked Marcum to remove the shirt or to reverse it . Marcum refused and said he had a right to wear the shirt. the shirt had the NRA logo on the shirt with a hunting riffle and the phrase "protect your rights"Marcum proceeded to engage in a debate with the teachers. the school police told him they were going to arrest him and he responded by sticking his hands out and told the police "fine." he was no arrested for wearing the shirt but for disrupting school. Marcum was released an hour later to his mother he was not put in jail on processed. Marcum stats that he believes in the 2nd amendment strongly and believes it should be protected due to resent situations.


The Tinker vs Des Moines case started when John tinker his sister and a friend were sent home for wearing black armbands with peace signs on them to protest the Vietnam war.Mr.Tinker sued the Des Moines school district but the district court ruled that nothing / no one had been wronged and that the school could set dress codes accordingly. Mr.Tinker appealed and took the case to the supreme court & won.