News from Ms. Tornopsky

September Edition

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Student COVID Policy Update

Please read the updated COVID student policy on our website:

If your student has tested positive, please email the classroom teacher(s) and let them know that is why they are absent. They are the ones that will need to know for attendance purposes.

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Cognia Accreditation

Accreditation is an ongoing process of meeting standards, continuous improvement, and quality assurance demonstrated through internal and external review. Through the accreditation process, staff members across the school continuously review the Key Characteristics (4) and Performance Standards (30) to ensure that the standards are being met and to identify areas that may need to be strengthened or improved. This review challenges the school system to identify the data, information, evidence, and documented results that validate that it is meeting each standard.

As we are in the preparation stage, we are now working on:

Key Characteristic 1 – Culture of Learning (standards #1-#6)

Standard #1: Leaders cultivate and sustain a culture that demonstrates respect, fairness, equity, and inclusion, and is free of bias.

Standard #2: Learners' well-being is at the heart of the institution's guiding principles such as mission, purpose, and beliefs.

Standard #3: Leaders actively engage stakeholders to support the institution's priorities and guiding principles that promote learners' academic growth and well-being

Standard #4: Learners benefit from a formal structure that fosters positive relationships with peers and adults and peers.

Standard #5: Professional staff members embrace effective collegiality and collaboration in support of learners.

Standard #6: Professional staff members receive the support they need to strengthen their professional practice.

As we continue through this process, I will share the other standards we are reviewing and collecting evidence for to show that we are meeting the standards required for our accreditation.

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Faculty Appreciation

Thanks for everything you do

to help make the school year

a good one!


More than you know!

Please use this link to share some appreciation:

Service Hours & Fees

Service Hours:

Every family are required to complete 8 hours of service for the school year. If you are a returning family and you did not meet that requirement last school year, your student may not be able to participate in sports, field trips, and other activities throughout the school. If you are in this category, you must complete at least 4 hours so that the alert is removed and your student is not affected.

Here is the link to the form to use when completing service hours for a specific teacher:

Service Hour Tracking Form


If your student has a fee balance from last year or previous years, please make sure to pay your account. Student's will not be able to do some activities, if they have a fee balance. We can make arrangements and payment plans if needed, but we have to make sure families complete their responsibilities.

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Jeans Day

If you missed the Jean's Pass order, you can still purchase a jeans pass individually. For September the Jeans day's are 9/2 and 9/16. These are the only days a student may wear jeans. No ripped jeans, pajamas, or leggings may be worn. Students must wear their Spirit shirt or Polo shirt with the jeans.

Jeans Pass per day at $5 each time

Please remember to make the payment at the time of the order. If you already ordered the jeans pass and did not complete the payment, please go back on the link and make your payment. This is a school fundraiser and the money raised will all go towards the students and special events.

A/B Rotation & Elementary Specials Rotation

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Arrival Procedures and Expectations

In order to welcome our students in a safe and organized manner, please read the following reminders for car line drop off:

Cars may start to line up at 6:45 AM if you have an elementary student or a student that would go to Sibling Link, but please do not let your student out of the car before 7:00 AM.

Breakfast for Elementary students is served from 7:00 AM - 7:20 AM.

Arrival time for Middle School students who do not have an elementary sibling, is 8:00 AM.

Breakfast for Middle School students is served from 8:00 AM - 8:20 AM

Middle school students may not arrive prior to 8:00 AM unless they are registered in Sibling Link.

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Students who are registered walkers, should be within 2 miles of school. When registering for walkers, administrative staff will review your address and the address in PowerSchool and if you are out of that 2 mile distance, you will receive communication from school. Parents may NOT park in any area adjacent to school or across Military and walk up and get your student. If you have not done so, please fill out the "Way Home" form on PowerSchoool.
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Exciting things coming up

9/2:Jeans Day with purchase of pass or same day purchase of $5

9/5: No School Offices Closed

9/7: Curriculum night 2nd and 3rd grade

9/8: Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night

9/09: Progress reports sent via email

9/12: Kickoff of Charleston Wrap Catalog Fall Fundraiser

9/13: Early Release day 11:15 dismissal for elementary and 12:15 for middle school

9/15: Coffee with Administration

9/16:Jeans Day with purchase of pass or same day purchase of $5

9/26: No school/Offices Closed

9/28: FoxMar picture (Franklin Polo required)

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IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Franklin Academy

PYP- Being an IB Parent

The PYP is a curriculum framework that helps to build knowledge, skills, attitudes and conceptual understanding, as well as encouraging students to take action and become lifelong learners. This learning does not stop at school. As a PYP parent, it is imperative to help reinforce the knowledge and skills that your child is learning in the classroom. One way to help support the home-school connection is through the IB Learner Profile.

The Learner Profile strives to build global citizens and lifelong learners, challenging us all to be the best that we can be in the home and school. As parents, using this language and terminology in the home can be a powerful way of reinforcing these ten personal attributes. At Franklin Academy, each month is dedicated to a specific trait and we will give parents tips to help implement the attribute at home.

In September the learner profile attribute is Courageous. How can parents help to develop students who are courageous at home?

Students who are courageous try new things and consider new ideas. They try to solve problems in a lot of ways. They have the bravery to tell people what they think is right. If your child is feeling uneasy about trying something, encourage them to attempt it and then reflect on both whether they liked the activity and how it felt to try something new.

Your child might want to set some short-term goals. Consider activities that make him/her nervous. What are realistic goals for the week? Your child might set a goal to:

  • Offer an opinion in class
  • Spend one recess with someone they might not usually play with
  • Order something different from the lunch menu
  • Try an activity they haven’t tried before

-Yamile Francese

IB Coordinator

And the winners are...

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Kinder- Benjamin Ramos (Freebird)

PYP 1- Nala Gayle (Georges)

PYP 2- Ja'niyah Presendieu (Burton)

PYP 3- Kaylee Rissley (Edelstein)

PYP 4- Kentin Powell (Lefebre)

PYP 5- Jahzarah Ramirez (Nelson)

6th- Jonathon Mercado

7th- Gabrielle Goss

8th- Sophia Hagerty

Congratulations to the award recipients!

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