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Its Just A Game Not Life

Trevion D. Clayton

Advice Column and movie review

Dear Trevion: I'm wondering if you could find a cure to help me and many other people with a fatal disease called Game Addiction. I heard you were the only person in the world who had the cure, so can you help me and many other people with the disease?

~(Gamer) Fargas

Dear Gamer: I can help you and the others with this disease.The answer to the cure is simply just exercising, with good friends that don't have the disease and are willing to help you cure you with the disease.If you keep a good workout routine for 3 months you would feel better than ever.


Brain jack is the most intense action packed movie ever rated #1 in the world.It would be the most satisfying movie you will ever see you would be glad that you seen this movie. Once you have seen this movie you would receive a free DVD or blue ray movie so you could watch it over and over.Come see brain jack you won't regret it come see brain jack while you can.

Local citizen brought back to life by a Neuro Headset

OH MY GOSH LOCAL CITIZEN IN NYC BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE BY A NEURO HEADSET!!! A kid named Fargas is brought back to life, After having a fatal case of a disease called Game Addiction that the neuro headset gave to him in the first place. Did the neuro headset actually change? Find out more on Game Addiction News.
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Make a list of ten words with clues. Example:

1. Sam Wilson - Main character of Brain Jack.

2. VIenna - Rock chick bride.

3. Fargas - Sam's bestfrind.

4. Ursula - Virus in the computer.

5. Neuro headset- evil headset taking over peoples minds and making them zombies.

6. Vegas Dust - Dust full a of nuclear chemicals.

7. Brain Washed - To make people do you biding by making them think otherwise .

8. Hack - use a computer to to gain unauthorized access to information.

9. Hacker - A person using a computer to gain unauthorized access to information.

10. Brain Jack - The title of the story