Corrie Ten Boom

by: Aracely Lopez-Ramirez

World War 11

Corrie had a club she ran for young girls. Through many decades the ten boom's have helped fugitives and all other people that have been hunted by Nazis. They saved as many as 800 jews, also protected under ground workers. During when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands in 1940, a well dressed woman came to the house in May 1942 holding her suitcase and told Boom she was a jew. She also was explaining to Boom how her husband had been arrested many months before and her son had left, she was afraid to go back. The Booms decided to help her and many other people.

Secret Room

Many People started using the Ten Booms' house, they decided to build a secret case of a raid. It was built on their bedroom because it's located on the top floor, to hopefully give people time to hide and avoid detection. The room was designed behind a false wall. In the room the Booms' made a ventilation system and also installed an electric raid warning system. In order to open the secret room they would have to slide a panel in a brick wall under a bookshelf and crawl in. When the nazis raided the Ten Booms' house in 1944, six people were using the hidden room.

Arrest, Detention , and Release

Once the Nazis caught them on February 28, 1944 around 12:30 pm, they took 30 people into custody including the whole Ten Boom family and we're sent to the Scheveningen prison. They couldn't find the jews because they were hiding in the false wall. Four out of six were taken to new "safe houses" only three survived the war. Corrie ten boom then was released on December 18, 1944.

Life after war

The Ten Booms' returned to the Netherlands and setup a rehab center,after the war. Corrie ten boom them traveled around the