Aaron cox



Awesome at video games

Much love for video games

Entertained by games

Really good at video games


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I am a oak tree

We dance in the strong wind

I shake until all of my leaves are gone

I bring joy to the kids with my branches

Then i calmly let my leaves get to the ground

I am a oak tree


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Ode to my shoes

You help me walk

You help me run

You also help me get to places

I love my shoes

I am proud of my shoes

You help me get to school

Now you know how much i prize you shoes


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Green is a color of an algae filled pond

Green is Xbox live that summons gamers

Green smells like a sweet apple tree

Green tastes like a cold slushy

Green sounds like a frog near a pond

Green looks like a spring pond

Green makes me happy

Green is life


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Makes me think of

Boots make me think of walking

Walking makes me think of running

Running makes me think of trail

Trail makes me think of woods

Woods make me think of camouflage

Camouflage makes me think of hunting

Hunting makes me think of boots


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My hair is like brown fudge

My eyes are like a dark oak tree

My attitude is like a soaring eagle

My energy is like a slow elephant

My courage is like a strong lion

My poem is scattered like a flock of birds

I am short like a mouse in a field of grass

I am the sky


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