My Fight / Your Fight

Written by: Ronda Rousey; Flyer by: Yvette Hansen


Ronda Rousey is the first women to fight in the UFC (Ultimate FIghting Championship). She held the BantamWeight Championship belt for six fights. Ronda titled her book the way she did due to the fact that throughout the book she tells you about small battles she has in her everyday life that people may connect to and help their fight. One of the main reasons she fights is for her dad,he died when she was eight years old. Another fight she had was when she was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and deprived her of oxygen causing issues in the brain. She hadn't said her first word until she was four years old and struggled putting sentences together until she was seven.
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Ronda explains the feeling she had getting third at the 2008 olympics. Also about her many mistakes she went through. From moving in with a toxic boyfriend, to losing her coach and going from judo gym to judo gym trying to find one that would fit as a place for her to live and train. Also about her year off where she became a bartender and gained her best friend, her dog Mochi. She later realized from watching UFC at the bar that she could do it too. That's when she started getting back into shape for fighting until she made it into Strikeforce.
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I thought the book was very interesting as how she can have gone through so much in her life and just keep battling each day. I recommend it for anyone that likes reading about someone going through a lot of rough spots in their life to make it to where they are. An audience that would enjoy this would be UFC fans or enjoy life stories.