Multigenre Project

Personal Narritive

When my mom and I got out of the car I was so excited! This would be my first baseball practice ever! I have never played a sport before, and I had no clue what to do. I knew though I would get it eventually. At this time I was seven, and my family had just moved, but my mom had always put us in something that had to do with physical activity. She wanted me to try baseball. I don’t remember much when I was that young but a few moments, like how hard it was for my to start playing baseball when I never played before.

When I first put in practice my coaches helped me they hit the ball to me, but I couldn’t stop it somehow. My legs were beaten left and right. It got better I was able to stop the ball, and through, throwing had never been a problem. Hitting was another problem, the worst of all.

Hitting took me a while to catch on with I tried and tried to hit that ball over and over again. I just couldn’t hit it, what kept me going at that age I have no idea. Whatever it was it worked. Towards the end of the season I was getting better at swinging, so good I started to foul the ball off. That means hitting it backwards. Then came the one game where I came up to the plate my coach threw the ball, I swung and hit it! I have no clue if I was safe at first or where the ball went I just know I hit the ball and nothing could have made me happier.

Persuasive Essay

Baseball is a good sport. But not all people are encouraging of it.

My life has a lot to do with baseball. All of my friends, my personality mostly is inspired by baseball. My happiest moments too.

Baseball is really fun though because you make friends, that you could be with for years. It teaches you social skills and athletic skills as well.

So I encourage you to try baseball because if you don't have fun that's okay. But if you do, keep playing and see where it takes you.


Oh baseball, oh baseball. You are so swell.

Oh baseball, oh baseball. You treat me so well.

From batting the ball and returning to your cell;

from which I came from, every time I step on your glorious grass.

Oh baseball, oh baseball. You're quite a show.

Oh baseball, oh baseball. Your ball has a wonderful glow.

From Maine to Cali every street ally favors your pros;

from throwing and catching, to a frightful ego that shows.

From every ball or strike this game shows class;

from stepping on the field and touching every blade of grass.

Oh baseball, oh baseball. You're so swell.

Oh baseball, oh baseball. You treat me so well.