National Junior Honor Society

Meeting Thursday, September 20, 7:15 AM

Check the Sign-Up Board by Room 204

1. Induction Ceremony, Friday, October 19, 6:30 PM.

We still 1 person to do teh Scholarship Speech. I have sample speeches and idea.

2. Quarterly Projects

We still need 1 more co-chairperson for the Craig or Parker Closet at Christmas time.

I don't know which one we will be doing yet.

3. Closing Prayers for our meetings. We still need 1 person for our first meeting Sept. 20

and for Oct. 18.

4. Ladies' Aid Fall Church Supper Thursday, September 28, 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM.

We will help carry trays and clean tables. Much like we do for Lenten Suppers.

5. Holiday Craft and Gift Sale November 10, 9 AM to 3 PM

Sign up for 2 hour shifts. We have been asked to work in the kitchen.


Please return your blue permission slip by Tuesday, September 18. I need to get a schedule done last week. You will be going over to Roosevelt each day. The times will be on the schedule. You will be escorting 2 students to Roosevelt and picking them up and returning them to St. Paul's. Once we get the 7th graders inducted we may have up to 38 NJHS members, so hopefully you won't have to do this too often. It is a good thing to escort the younger students over to Roosevelt.

This is all.....for now!

We are known to be very reliable and helpful. It is good to help whenever we can.

Coming up when I get more information:

1, ECHO for Thanksgiving grocery pick up.

2. Fall festival at St. Paul's.

3. Fundraising at Mac's Pizza Shack