Ecosystemic Case Study

Jason Doe

Presentation Overview

•Reason for Referral

•Preliminary Hypothesis

•Demographic Characteristics


•Records Review




Preliminary Hypothesis/Reason for Referral

Reason for Referral

Jason easily distracted during class and appears to have focusing difficulties.

Preliminary Hypothesis

Jason is having difficulty focusing in class due to an attention deficit.

Demographic Characteristics

  • Samoan male
  • Seven years old
  • Second grade
  • Parents separated
  • Lives in single-parent home
  • Low Socioeconomic Status

Record Review

Aeries Database

•Diagnostic Records:

  1. Diagnosed with ADD in February 2012
  2. Perscribed glasses perscription in September 2012

Cumulative File

•Report cards: decent grades in most of the categories except for Learning Responsibility and Attitude-Effort

•SST Documentation:

  1. Occurred during Jason’s kindergarten year
  2. Based on Jason's lack of fucus in class


Observation System Sheet

  • Analyzed characteristics of the classroom setting, class demographics and classroom activities.

Two ABC Observations

  • Noticed that Jason responded better to a more structured class environment where everyone is participating in the same lesson.
  • When the class was broken into groups and less structured, Jason was easily distracted and did not complete work accurately.
  • Lacks accountability and consequences for inaccurate work.


Informal Site Supervisor Interview

  • Was able to confirm that Jason's parents are currently separated.

Informal Teacher Interview

  • Found out that Jason is approaching grade level in Math
  • At grade level in Reading and Writing.
  • Very capable student who could perform better with more focus.

**Positives: In the top reading group

Intervention Implementation/Proposals

Currently Implemented

  • Second Step: evidence based curriculum
  • Lessons on listening and attention skills

Intervention Proposals for Next Semester

  • attaching a note card of focusing skills to Jason’s desk in the classroom
  • daily behavioral goal cards
  • seat in class be moved closer to the teacher

Jason's Ecological Model

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