Turn Differences Into Opportunities

Join Us Tuesday, April 17 From 1PM to 3PM

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With four diverse generations now in the workplace, concerns involving communication and work styles have presented new challenges for leaders and employees. Generational differences can also affect many things, including recruiting, building teams, dealing with change, motivating, managing and maintaining productivity. The purpose of this session is to discuss strategic processes, practices, and strategies to mitigate potential conflict between generations. We will explore topics such as the growing number of Baby Boomers leaving the workforce, the rise of Generation X into leadership roles and the insurgence of Millennials into the workforce. Our panel of experts will also examine some of the common stereotypes—Are Baby Boomers incapable of adapting? Are Gen Xers too self-reliant for leadership roles? Are millennials as entitled as they are portrayed?

Key Objectives:

  • Receiving tools and information to harness talent and leadership skills within a multi-generational workplace

  • Adapting to different generations of colleagues, employees, customers and managers

  • Fostering a respectful, collaborative work environment among all employees

  • Addressing common challenges faced by all generational groups

  • Incorporating strategies such as communication, coaching and mentoring to minimize conflict, increase productivity and improve workplace climate


Tuesday, April 17th, 1-3pm

Learning & Development Center | 4501 Leeland Street Houston, TX 77023 | Auditorium

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