Final Exam


Camera Operations

To turn on/off the camera hold the on/off button on the top of the camera till the screen turns on or off. To place the batteries in the camera turn the upside down and push down and slide the opener till it pops open then put batteries in correctly then close the opener.

To insert SD card go to bottom of camera to the same place as the batteries and put the SD card in where the label is facing the big part of the camera. To look threw the eye lens there should be a small button close to what you look threw that says "EVF/LCD" press that button. To zoom in/out on a camera there is a button on the top that is the farthest to the front that goes back and forth, push to the right to zoom in and push to the left to zoom out.

"i like her(sister) when she drives me places"- Maddie



1. Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects, don't make something out to be that its not.

2. Do not accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage, don't accept gifts from someone.

3. Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities, don't take a picture of someone saying take a picture of me.

My experience in photojournalism this year was fun. I was able to learn things about the camera that i didn't know before. And i was able to have fun while learning. I learned the different elements of composition. I also learned a little about photoshop and how to change some stuff on a picture. My favorite project was when we went outside and took photos around the school. My least favorite project was when we did the history of photographers. I feel good really good about photography after this class.