By Caleb Choi with the Roman Read

Featured Story Of Today!

Chariot Racing!

That's right a sport that is NOT violent and still is very entertaining. In case you don't know what chariot racing is let me break it down. Men race on chariots drawn by horses. The people of Rome bet on the horse that they believe will win based on statistics or favoritism. They race down a trace and someone wins. If you guessed right then you get money if the horse you bet on looses then you loose money.

This sport, along with the gladiator fights are very loved by the Romans but is much more safer. Who do you think drove the horses? No not the richer people or the middle class. They were the slaves. But some are very famous and rich from presents that were given to them.

Now I said that chariot racing is safer then the arena, however it is still pretty dangerous. Imagine, you fall out of your chariot. There are other horses and chariots blazing their way towards you. And then you get stepped on then ran over. Or imagine that your horse goes haywire and rams into another chariot with a very hard force. Still this sport is amazing and will be loved forever. July 6, 49 B.C.

Human Intrest


As almost all of you know smallpox is a very serious disease. Many people have and will die with it. If you don't know what smallpox looks like it looks as if you have tons of little bug bite all over your body. As of now there is no cure and the chances of getting this virus will be high so please be careful.

We believe that this epidemic started in the Parthian Empire. We also believe that this disease was brought here by the soldiers who fought against them. The smallpox seems to be spreading to different places around the area as well. We are sorry for the ones who were lost to this horrible disease and sorry to the ones who have it. Good Luck.



Today's editorial will be about my perspective of the Roman gladiators. For a while now gladiators have been a source of entertainment for many. In addition to us enjoying the games the gods supposedly do as well. But I wonder if it is good or not. These fights for our entertainment are dangerous and unpredictable.

Even if the gods supposedly watch the games and enjoy it, I don't think the gods would want us to kill ourselves. I personally think that it is sick to send a man out to fight wild animals like bears and lions and watch him be ripped apart. And if the people of Rome want entertainment then there should be a safer and more humane way to find entertainment. Maybe we could pretend for there to be fights and death instead of the real thing.

Even with the strong armor it still doesn't protect them from razor sharp teeth and claws. Even if the gladiators sometimes killed the animals most of the time the animals would be victorious. What i'm trying to say is that even though this topic is arguable the evidence still points toward pointless death and fighting. July 6, 49 B.C.



Aelius Vitus

Aelius Vitus, 34, died today July 6, 49 B.C. Aelius was born on October 13, 83 B.C. He was a farmer and had a wife and two children. The wife's name is Severina and his older son's name is Saturninus and his younger daughter's name is Priscilla. It was believed that the cause of death was just another disease.

He enjoyed his job as a farmer and a provider. His farm wasn't that big but it was a very important to this local area. He also enjoyed taking his children out to play on the farm. He had one dog, five cows, twenty-four chickens, and one goat. His dreams were to become wealthy to care for his family and to one day become a politician if they could find the money.

R.I.P Aelius Vitus July 6, 49 B.C.

Myth Of The Day!

Cupids (Eros') Story

In order to make you all of the Roman Read feel loved here is the story of Cupid and Psyche. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess named Psyche. She was so nice and beautiful that the goddess of love, Aphrodite became very jealous of the princess. All the men feared Aphrodite's power so they did not offer to marry her even though in those days you had to marry someone. She was going to jump of a cliff before a god carried her on his winds to Eros the god of love.

They became in love very quickly and she even had her two sister come visit Eros' palace of riches. Jealous of their sister they tried to convince Psyche that her husband was a monster and that she should escape. She went into her host's bedroom with a knife and a lamp. When she saw the handsome man she was unafraid, but when she dropped the lamp and awoke the sleeping god he saw the knife and flew away with sorrow.

Psyche prayed to Aphrodite for help, even though she was still jealous she told her to complete tasks that no mortal could do to prove her love to Eros. She had completed task after task and finally she was at the final one. She retrieved a black makeup box from the underworld that would make any woman so beautiful that they could not be resisted. Once Psyche had reached the surface she looked into the box and a foul smell came out that killed her. Eros shot her with a golden arrow and she was brought back to life. After the whole thing Eros and Aphrodite convinced Zeus to make Psyche immortal to be with Eros forever. July 6, 49 B.C.