Chrissy's 40th Flash Mob

If 40 is the new 30 then Chrissy will be happy!

I'm looking to have a surprise birthday party for Chrissy and would like for you to come. She had always wanted to participate in a "Flash Mob", so I'm thinking we can bring the Mob to her!

If you have never hear of a Flash Mob, it is simple. An unsuspecting person (Chrissy) arrives at a determined location and music starts to play. One by one, her friends and family "appear" to join in on a contrived dance.

Chrissy Surprise Flash Mob

Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 11:30am

26 Cayman Ave

Toms River, NJ

We will actually be meeting at the bay beach only a half mile away.
Patricia's 50th Birthday Surprise Flash Mob May 18, 2012 Olvera Street

What's the Plan?

Chrissy and I will be on the beach with the boys and family and friends will meet up in the parking lot around 11:30. At 12:00 I will begin the music and groups of friends will begin the contrived dance on the beach.
11:30- meet up in the Shelter Cove parking lot in Toms River

11:45- Make your way to the beach and pretend to enjoy the views. (trying to keep out of sight of Chrissy)

12:00- Music begins and your designated wave will begin to dance

12:05- Public Humiliation ends and head to shore house to party.

I Can't Dance!

Don't worry, I'm not looking for any MC Hammer moves. I have hired an experienced NJ trained dancer and choreographer. She will create a step by step video of how to do the dance moves. I will share the video will all who are interested.

Then What?

After our beach take over, everyone is invited to come back to our beach house and enjoy an afternoon and night of food, friends, drinks, and laughs.


This is a family friendly event and the expectation is that all who come will participate in the dance. I'm sorry excuses such as: I have no rhythm, I can't dance, I'm shy, I have cement feet, etc... will not be allowed! Let's have fun with this and surprise Chrissy for her 40th. It is possible that pictures and video of the event will be posted on Facebook and too bad!