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Solar Oven Project

Our current unit of study is renewable energy. The students have been learning about various types of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy. Also, the students will develop a persuasive paper describing why they thought the form of renewable energy they chose for their region was the most beneficial. I will introduce this paper later in our alternative energy unit.

The students will also work in their energy group to develop a trial solar oven. As soon as we have enough sun to test them we will. From these trial solar ovens the students will develop helpful hints on how to create their own individual solar oven.

Each student will be working on creating their own solar oven outside of school. The ovens should not take more than an hour or two to build at home. We will test many materials and designs in class, but their final oven will need to be constructed in entirety outside of school. The final solar oven will be due April 15th, and we will test them during our solar oven picnic. I will be sending an email to those of you who signed up to send in item for our solar oven picnic.

To accompany their project the students will also be working on a paper that will reflect their learning and thought process as they developed their solar oven. The paper will not be due until after we test their ovens in order to give students a chance to be reflective.

I have uploaded the rubrics for both the solar oven and solar oven paper on my website. They can both be found at the bottom of the resources page in the units of study folder. The students will also receive a hard copy of the rubric as well.

Statistics Project

Over the course of the past two weeks we have been studying statistics in math. The students developed their own statistical questions that we in turn turned in to a survey that was sent out to a variety of 5th and 6th grade students. The students are currently spending a great deal of time analyzing their data to create an infogragh, using, that best represented their findings.

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