Legislative Pre-K Requirements

Budget Rider 78

New Requirements for ALL Public and Charter Pre-Ks

What exactly is Rider 78? What does it say?

Rider 78 is a legislative action attached to the current budget.

- "Adopt a new rider requiring the Commissioner ensure that recipient school districts and charter schools use a portion of their Foundation School Program kindergarten entitlement, totaling $236 million statewide, to implement prekindergarten consistent with the requirements of a High-Quality Prekindergarten program, pursuant to the provisions in Education Code, §§29.167 – 29.171."

TEA Clarification on Rider 78

High-Quality Prekindergarten Program 15% Minimum Quality Allocation

Rider 78 ensures that school districts expend 15% of the districts’ prekindergarten foundation school program (FSP) funding on High-Quality Prekindergarten programs over the period of the biennium. As an example, the TEA State Funding Division has calculated the 15% minimum to be allocated for High Quality Prekindergarten programs in the 2018-19 biennium based on the four-year-old prekindergarten half-day average daily attendance (ADA). TEA will implement monitoring as necessary to ensure that FSP funds are used as described.

Region 7 Support with Implementation of HQPK

Region 7 is committed to support our districts' implementation of High Quality Pre-K programs to meet Rider 78 requirements. We will provide Early Childhood trainings specifically for Pre-K and Kinder teachers and will be happy to schedule visits and coaching time. Each 6 hour training session will now include 4 hours of EC Experiential Professional Development and 2 hours of Peer and Collaborative Coaching with Lesson Design to support teachers towards fulfilling the 15 hour PD and 15 hour Coaching HQPK teacher quality yearly requirements.
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