Barbieri Bulletin

Family Edition: September 7, 2021


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Principal's Message

Good Evening Barbieri Families,

I hope you are all continuing to enjoy a relaxing Labor Day weekend and celebrating Rosh Hashanah with your families. It's always nice to ease into the school year with a long weekend to recharge!

THANK YOU FOR A GREAT FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! We look forward to the second week ahead and continue to plan classroom lessons that review and introduce expectations, routines and focus on Social Emotional Learning in all classrooms. We want to support all students and teach them what it means to be in school again full time. Students are reviewing and learning the following:

  • walking in the hallways practicing how to hold the doors.
  • visiting their assigned bathrooms and walking back to classrooms to practice their way back to the room.
  • practicing how to wait to enter specials classrooms quietly so as to not interrupt learning for others.
  • learning the rules to safely use the playground before playing on the playground.
  • learning how to transition from their chairs to the rug for circle time and back to their seats
  • learning how to retrieve their book bins by waiting quietly as the teacher calls each group one by one
  • learning how to line up, exit and enter classrooms appropriately
  • learning each other's names
  • sharing what's important to them, what they enjoy, don't like

Last Friday we had our FIRST fire drill of the year and it went very well!! The fire department was extremely impressed with all students and staff and how they were able to exit the building safely, quickly and in an orderly fashion! Especially a building our size on the THIRD day of school! Great work Barbieri Family!

Con mucho aprecio,


Grade Level Administrators' Assignments


THANK YOU for your patience as we continue to navigate through bus schedules and assignments. Please note that Barbieri School does not assign buses and has no control over bus arrivals and departures. Like you, we are informed through phone calls when buses are running late. Once we receive this information we request that the transportation office call families directly to inform them of delays. We do our best to board buses as quickly a possible when they arrive and prioritize the safety of our students while boarding buses and waiting for buses. We have staff members on duty supervising all of our students until all students are dismissed on buses, parent pick or to after school programming.


We had a successful FIRST three days of arrivals at Barbieri School because we did NOT create major traffic jams on Dudley Road or Franklin Street. THANK YOU!!! Families have been arriving at an appropriate time to allow us to unload cars and get our parent drop off procedure running smoothly. Arriving early and forming a long line is NOT helpful. It creates traffic for all. We are not able to unload cars until 8:50AM when all staff are on duty and ready to receive our little hawks. THANK YOU for your support! It was evident that all families were doing their part the first three days of school. Let's keep it going!

Gracias a todas nuestras familias!


Ms. Joelie Rivera, Assistant Office Manager and I have been working on a dismissal plan that will allow parents of multiple children in Parent Pick-Up to pick up in ONE location and not have to line up in both doors 1 and 29. Ms. Joelie will be reaching out by Thursday to inform Barbieri staff members on dismissal duty how this will work. Stay tuned for more information. Mil gracias a la Srta. Joelie for organizing this. We hope to have this procedure up and running by Friday, the latest Monday. Please note that this procedure will be for students who are always in Parent Pick up, not for students who call once in a while to change the pick up schedule. Thank you so much to all of our families for their patience!

Parent Pick up in the Afternoon

  • PLEASE PARK your car in a parking spot and exit your car to walk to door (1 or 29) to pick up your child/children
  • PLEASE do not have someone drive you, pull over to wait for you and while they're waiting they're blocking others' cars.
  • Please follow the directions given to you by our Parking Attendants/Campus Aides. It is very difficult to lead traffic during dismissal and they are doing their best. Please be kind! Kindness matters!

COVID-19 Student Pool Testing and Staff Testing

The district will begin student pool testing and staff testing during the week of September 13th! Barbieri School's testing will take place on Wednesday, September 15th 9:30AM-11:30AM.

If you are interested in having your child participate in Student Pool Testing please complete the form below and send it back to school in your child's backpack.

FPS Testing Consent Online Form

School Year 21-22 Consent Forms- English, Spanish, Portuguese,


  • MASKS must be worn by everyone inside the building! Students and staff must wear masks!
  • We will continue to use the bistro and half of the gym to serve breakfast and lunch.
  • We will continue to physically distance when possible.
  • We will continue to wash our hands whenever possible and sanitize frequently throughout the day.


  • We don't have to arrange our rooms in any specific way
  • We don't have to complete MyMedBot (YAY!!!)



6- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

7- NO SCHOOL, Rosh Hashanah

8- PTO Meeting 7:00PM-8:30PM, please join us here!

15- COVID-19 Student Pool Testing and Staff Testing 9:30AM-11:30AM

16- NO SCHOOL, Yom Kippur

23- Barbieri School Picture Day