Rural Rundown Holiday Edition

Upcoming updates, events, ideas, and more!

happy holidays from the rural network
Thank you for your incredible contributions to the Rural Network. We're able to be creative, thoughtful, warm, and productive because that is who we are made up of. People from all across the state coming together to promote wellness, and equity.

We wish you a warm season, with fond memories and grand adventures.


Rural Conference Survey

We've created a survey to help determine the future of our Rural Conference. The poll below features questions like where to host the event, and others that help identify possible table facilitators or speakers.

Please take this poll primarily so we can select a location to begin planning in January!

You may have received a direct email from SurveyMonkey that probably looked suspicious and went to your spam folder. That was us! Not a hacker! Christopher apologizes for how strange the automated email looked.


Meeting Minutes

We've had many meetings lately! It can be hard to keep track of what's happening with our network so all our agenda, minutes, and archives are stored online. Anyone can access these at any time by visiting

Rural Grant Progress

  • Policy: We will begin helping each other write talking points for policies in January. We thank Representative Alex Ramel for attending our last meeting and sharing insight on best practices for engaging with Legislators.
  • Toolkit: The workgroup convenes to figure out what to build next. Much of the toolkit workgroup work is happening through the Listening Session with Department of Health.
  • Training: Please look for the survey in your inbox and in this newsletter, regarding the conference date, time and location.
  • Recruitment: We published a recruitment kit on the rural toolkit page. Find letter templates, emails, thank you cards, and post cards all tailored to different sectors.
  • Photo Toolkit: Published! You may still submit more photos.
  • Story Toolkit: Published! You may still submit more stories.

For a full grant progress timeline visit

Rural Network Events

Rural Network Meeting: Winter Celebration

Tuesday December 28

2-3:30 p.m.

Online conference call.

For rural volunteers, representatives & leaders across Washington.

During this meeting we will gather together, have networking time, and build connections. We'll discuss plans for the upcoming year, but primarily rejoice in each others company. This is an informal meeting with interactive fun priorities.

Rural Office Hours

Wednesday, January 5

1-2 p.m.

Online conference call.

For members to receive Technical Assistance and consultation.

Rural Student Assistance Professional Roundtable Please spread the word!!

Tuesday January 18

3-4 p.m.

Online conference call.

For Student Assistance Professionals in rural school districts. Click here to register.

Click here for an event flyer.

During this roundtable meeting, connect with other rural Student Assistance Professionals, and brainstorm ideas for Prevent Clubs. Bring ideas to the table and take ideas away from other people. You are not alone in this tough work of coming up with engaging solutions during COVID. Let's gather and share ideas.

Rural Network Meeting: Policy Roundtable

Tuesday January 25

2-3:30 p.m.

Online conference call.

For rural volunteers, representatives & leaders across Washington.

During this meeting, participants will examine current prevention policies in the legislature, and be tasks to discuss with one another in breakout groups what talking points might be related to that specific policy. This will help us come up with some unified messaging around what Legislators need to know about these topics, and will allow us to come up with solutions together through an open brainstorm.

Rural Network Meeting: You Can Listening Session

Tuesday February 22 (this is 2/22/22 how cool!)

2-3:30 p.m.

Online conference call.

For rural volunteers, representatives & leaders across Washington.

During this meeting we’ll connect with staff at Department of Health and their media contractor GMMB to discuss ways for using, improving, innovating, etc. the youth marijuana prevention campaign, You Can. We’ll discuss primarily, how this campaign could be relevant/inclusive for rural community needs.

Data Training by Clark County Public Health

Thursday February 24

1-2 p.m.

Online interactive webinar, free.

Registration coming soon. This data training will help communities identify their local conditions, gather local data, and share information from local assessments with key stakeholders. Understand what to do with data when it's suppressed. Open to all SW Regional Network as well as the statewide Rural Network.

Click for full calendar of coalition and community events.

Thank you for supporting our cause. We're grateful for all our volunteers. Every day you inspire us to honor rural communities with hard work.

About Prevent Coalition

Our mission is connecting and supporting communities to build resilience and prevent youth substance use. We envision a healthy, thriving community free of substance abuse.