Battle of Dieppe

Operation Jubilee

What Happened?

Dieppe was a battle known as Operation Jubilee. The battle of Dieppe was a surprise attack from Canada, Britain & the U.S to Europe. The surprise attack was an attempt to lure the German Aircraft into open combat as it would've supposedly became the largest single-day air to air battle in the west. The goal of the raid was to seize the port facilities (Where German landing barges were anchored) in Dieppe for a short period,of time. Also the plan was to withdraw the forces on the same day as the landing and capture a German landing craft. As the landing craft would give us insight into German radar technology.


Canadians, 225 men killed, 264 surrendered and 33 returned to Britain.

Canada's Contribution in the Battle

During this battle the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division was selected to provide a brigades for the landings with support for the 14th Canadian Army Tank Regiment.

Importance of the Battle

This battle is significant because it was the first combat employment of both American and Canadian troops in World War Two. It was also the day with the largest single-day air to air battle in the entire war. Unfortunately most of the objectives hoped to be achieved by this raid, failed with many casualties.
Battle of Dieppe WWII August 19, 1942