Everything in the Middle School that matters

Volume 4

January 7, 2019


Welcome back!

This is our first edition of Middle Matters for 2019. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday break. As we look to January, we can anticipate a busy schedule.

End of 2nd Quarter

Grades were updated just before the break. Please log on to Parent Portal and check your child's progress. The end of the semester is on Thursday, January 17th. Second quarter report cards will not be mailed home unless requested via our student center at 763-272-2111. Although we do not have a scheduled conference night (At-Risk, by invite) until February, 21st, we are always available to meet if you have a concern about your child's academic progress. We ask that you, please contact the teacher. Teachers need to know if you feel your child is not progressing satisfactorily. We can address specific concerns, and plans can be made for help after school.

Parent Involvement Meeting

We have our next Parent Involvement meeting on January 14 at 6 PM. The meeting will be held in the front office conference room. All parents are welcome to come. Here are some of our agenda items.

Bullying Policy- This is an annual agenda item regarding the district and middle school bullying policy. The discussion will include state guidelines and requirements, our building process for reporting and a summary of the proactive measures we are doing throughout the year. We will also discuss the challenges students, parents and school officials encounter when cyberbullying takes place off school grounds and on weekends. Our goal is to partner with parents and students to ensure a safe and productive morning environment.

Report Card Changes - We are looking for your input. The middle school report card has not changed in the past 20 years. Can we do a better job of sharing your child’s academic progress? What do you as parents think would be beneficial to have any quarterly report card? We want to do all we can to prepare all students for the rigor of high school. Is there more than just courses, grades, and attendance that should be included? Would like to hear from middle school, high school parents and students. We will begin this discussion on Monday night.

Parent Information

ATTENDANCE LINE - 763-272-2110

Please use “763-272-2110” to call in late or absent students. Please call the attendance line or send a note if your student needs to leave early. Prior notice expedites the process, avoids interruptions into classrooms to have students dismissed, and eliminates difficulty reaching students during Phy-ed, music, lunch and special events. You may also use the attendance line to request homework if students are gone two or more consecutive days.
Thank you!

8th-Grade Choir Field Trip

MMS 8th-Grade Choir members will be going on their field trip to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater on January 16th.

We will see the stage production of "Holiday Inn." We will be leaving our school at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 5:15 p.m. Info has been sent home with each student on guidelines and rules for our trip. Please plan for picking up your student at the Middle School by 5:15 p.m.

Please contact Mrs. Ulven with any questions. Thank you! 763-272-2160

Transportation Changes

Please remember Hoglund transportation needs any transportation changes submitted 24 hours before any anticipated changes. This will help ensure all students have a seat on the bus. Last minute requests to have your child ride a different bus home cannot be honored.


Item Drop-off

Please know that when you drop an item off for your child in the front office, we will not interrupt class. Instead, we will have your child paged in between class to pick up their item.

Dates to Remember

Jan. 14

Parent Involvement Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

Jan. 16

8th-Grade Choir Field Trip

Jan. 17

End of Semester 1

Jan. 18

No School - Teacher Workshop

Jan. 21

No School - Teacher Workshop - Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Found Eyeglasses

Please take a minute to look at the following eyeglasses that have been found and unclaimed throughout the year to see if they may belong to your child. Unclaimed eyeglasses will be donated.

DO YOU HAVE PHOTOS from school sports, activities, or student involvement that we can use in the yearbook?

Be sure to upload them on our yearbook website at www.replayit.com You will be able to share, view and save photos with our school!

Students of the Month

Photo Use Authorization

If you DO NOT WANT your child's photo/video/podcast used, please contact Chris at chris.schyma@monticello.k12.mn.us


Monica Schwickerath, RN, LSN

Dress for the weather

During the cold winter months, make a special effort to observe your youngster carefully before sending him/her off to school. Check to be sure that clothing is adequate. Be sure he/she is dressed for some unexpected emergency, such as a stalled bus, a lengthy wait at the bus stop, or an extreme change in weather.


The Superintendent of Schools in the event of extreme weather conditions or emergency circumstances may close schools. Official announcements will be announced over the following stations:


(Respiratory Flu): is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system (nose, throat, lungs). Systems often include a cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, fever (usually >101 degrees), chills, moderate to severe fatigue, and body aches. It is mainly spread through the air from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, but can also be spread by skin to skin contact, saliva or touching a contaminated surface. One of the best ways to decrease your chances of contracting influenza in by effective hand washing and getting an annual flu shot for you and your family members. Many of the local clinics offer flu shots clinics as well as several of the local pharmacies. The Wellness on Wheels (WOW) van travels around Wright county providing immunizations and other services. The WOW van schedule can be found online or can be contacted at (763)-682-7516

Please call the health office with any questions or concerns.

Middle School Health Office Phone: (763) 272-2120 or Fax (763)272-2109


New Year's Resolutions

by Annette Bieniek, School Social Worker

As the holidays have passed and we plunge into the new year, all the buzz is about New Year's resolutions. Resolutions can be a great way to bring focus in our life, but often they go by the wayside in a short amount of time. This loss of the focus towards our resolutions can happen because life gets overwhelmingly busy. One very important way to keep our focus in life is through stress management. The following are some ways to resolve letting stress rob us of our New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Quit multitasking. Often this dotes as an asset in character but, when we dart from one activity to the next without finishing it, we add stress to our lives. Tasks begin to take longer as we have to continue to engage our brain in the same task over and over again, draining our mental energy levels. We also rob ourselves the sense of accomplishment because nothing is actually completed.

  2. Stress is often self-inflicted because we don’t say no. As individuals and families, we allow ourselves to take on too much. Pace yourself realistically. Families need downtime to enjoy each other. Try not to fill the schedule too tight.

  3. Reorganize yourself. A slight change in your schedule can restore your sense of well-being.

  4. Be an example to your family. Allow negative feelings to be discussed rather than demonstrated through negative behavior (yelling, name-calling, etc.).

  5. Stop and think about what is really important. Often children value the time they get with their parents and family much more than the material items. These material items don’t mean a whole lot for children if they don’t have a strong family unit to turn to.

Use 2019 as the year to get the stress levels in your life under control. Include in your resolution ways to lower the stress in you and your families lives. Making these small, but significant changes can help make 2019 more of a stroll than a plunge, in which you and your children can enjoy.


Boys 7/8 Basketball

Practice started on Wednesday, January 2nd from 2:45-4:30. There is still time to participate.
    • Registration and payment can be done online

    • Middle School game schedule can be found online at www.mississippi8.org

Speech Team

There is still time to join. Registration and payment can be done online.


  • Runs Monday - Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30

  • Complete an emergency card for registration

  • No fee to participate in this program

  • Contact Mr. Nutt with questions @ alan.nutt@monticello.k12.mn.us

Viewing the Middle School Sports Schedules

Have you accessed the Mississippi8 website yet? There is a lot of valuable information on this website. You will find up-to-date schedules for Middle School and High School sports and activities.

Up-to-date information on this website includes game times, which team plays first, and bus departure times. You can also sign-up to receive emails regarding any schedule changes, which become a common occurrence in the spring.

  1. Go to www.mississippi8.org

  2. Select Monticello High School on the right.

  3. Find the section titled, View Schedules under the calendar. Click on the sport of your choice and click on view.

To receive emails for any schedule changes or event reminders, follow these directions:

  1. Go to www.mississippi8.org

  2. Select Monticello High School on the right.

  3. Find the section titled, Notify Me under the calendar. Follow the instructions provided.

Make sure that your computer does not have a SPAM blocker or you will not be able to receive the email.

Winter Orchestra Concert Details

6th Grade Orchestra Winter Concert – Monday, January 14th

Meet at Middle School for tuning & warmups @ 6:15 p.m. Concert starts at 7:00 p.m.

*Concert attire is black dress pants/nice black shirt/black socks/black dress shoes. (NO skirts/dresses)

*Cello/Bass players will need to bring their own instruments from home.

*Parent volunteers are needed and appreciated – let Mrs. Schettler-Stein know if you are willing & able!

See Mrs. Schettler-Stein ASAP if you need to borrow an outfit! (If you would like to donate concert outfits/shoes from previous years that are too small now, please let Mrs. Schettler-Stein know. Thanks!)

These are also on the Middle School Orchestra Website!


Thursday, Jan. 31st, 7pm

800 Broadway Street East

Monticello, MN

Mark your calendar for the first performance of the school year featuring our 6th-grade band students. Their first concert is scheduled for Thursday, January 31 at 7:00 p.m. in the middle school auditorium.

Parent Involvement

Ice Cream Sales

We will be offering Ice cream during the lunch times of snow week February 6th-8th. If you would be able to volunteer to help sell treats, please email Kara Thornton at mmspivolunteer@gmail.com
Thanks for all your help and support to the middle school!

Parent Involvement Meeting

Monday, Jan. 14th, 6pm

800 Broadway Street East

Monticello, MN

Located in the front office conference room.