Aboriginal Transport!

By Shreya, Jasmine, Liam and Shlok

What is transport?

It`s something that helps humans move from one place to another

Eg: Vehicles and boats

What was the main form of transport?

  • Walking

  • Rafts

  • Birch bark canoes

  • Dingoes

  • The most common was walking for the aboriginals who lived in the middle of Australia and the most common were canoes for the aboriginals who lived near the coast.

Were there any forms of transport that the Aboriginal people built? What were they made from?

  • Wooden Rafts

  • Bark Canoes.

How to make a birch bark canoes-the aboriginals would cut down birch trees and cut it in half, they would put stones in the boat and they were ready to go.

If you lived in the middle of Australia, what would your preferred form of transport?

My preferred transport would be canoes on the water because, I think they are interesting and I would like to ride in one and my land transport would be walking because I would like to enjoy the scenery and exercise at the same time.

How has transport changed from then and now?

  • All transports were made of out of nature like hollow trees except walking but now are made of steel and metal.

  • There are also vehicles like cars and truck the Aboriginals use now.

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How long did it take to build transport?

  • About one or two days, it depended what kind of transport was been used

Did they use animals for transportation?

  • Dingoes
  • Camels
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How were the canoes made?

  • This is a bark canoe made in a traditional style from a sheet of bark folded and tied at both ends with plant-fiber string. The bow (the front) is folded tightly to a point; the stern (the rear) has looser folds. The canoe was made by Albert Woodlands, an Indigenous man from the northern coast of New South Wales. It measures 310 cm in length and 45 cm in width.