Displaced People

By: Samantha Fernandez

What the war in Syria has done to children.

The war in Syria has ruined many children's lives. These poor children have seen it all, and they have seen two sides of the world. Some of these children lose their families, and they have to be the adult because they have no one to lean on. War has brought them out of their country, and now they are refugees, and some become homeless in other countries.

This is a video of young kids describing what is going on in their lives during the war. https://youtu.be/2iz2tNiRpeY

What happened in Syria

This war in Syria started in 2011, and more than 400 million people have fled Syria. The Syrian people left their countries because it was not safe anymore. People that would peaceful protest would be put in jail, and later they started killing the peaceful protesters that just wanted peace. Many people that have fled Syria have no homes and live in makeshift camps. All this war that is going on over in Syria and the Middle east needs to stop, so that the people can go back to their country, and not be afraid of people taking them out of their houses, or bombing them.