Branding Project

By: Edwin Ramos

Basketball Scholarship

Hello Coach krzyzewski,

My name is Edwin Ramos im a sophmore from East Leyden highschool and im interested on playing for your basketball program after I graduate. You should really come out and watch one of my game's this season whenever you can get a chance. I think you will be very impressed to what i bring to the court I wont waste your time sir. Im also a very good and positive student when it come's to school. I take my education and basketball very serious school always comes first before anything for me. The reason why I would like to play at Duke for you because over the years I've watched you and your program succeed. I feel having you as a coach will help me grow as a player on and off the coach. I understand you like to win and so do I that's why I think me and you will have a good relationship. Every night I'll bring whatever it takes to win because I'm a winner and I hate to loose winning mean's everything to me. Sorry for taking up your time to read this but if your interested on coming out to see me play I'll send you a schedule of when my games are.

Thanks for your time Coach,

Edwin Ramos


My Social Media image can be improved a lot I tried deleting a couple tweets I tweeted about on my twitter page because it didn't make my image it look very good if College Coaches wanted too look at it and see if I look like a trustable kid. They wouldnt want someone representing there program with a bad image because it makes them look bad.


I would want my phrase to be known as "Think positive, never let anything bring you down, always work hard". This phrase actually means a lot to me because whenever im feeling down on myself and discouraged I always say this phrase in my head to make me feel better. Hopefully somebody could use this to help them get through some stuff especially on the basketball court because it helped me create more confidence for myself and keep my head straight even though i made a mistake.


As a high school student I will be apart of East Leyden's basketball team to help brand myself. As a player if im good enough to play at the next level after high school colleges can offer me a scholarship to come play at there school if they like the way I play and feel that I could help there program win games. That's why I have to dominate each and every game so I could get noticed and have scouts come see me play.