By Jacob


What Buddhism?

Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world, it is about equality and that no one should suffer

What is the main message of Buddhism?

The main message of this religion is: No matter who you are, no matter what you are, you should not suffer or be mistreated.

Where did Buddhism start?

Buddhism started at present day border of India and Nepal. It started in 5th century B.C.E, that's about 2500 years ago

How did Buddhism start?

Small communities of Monks and Nuns wanted know Buddha's teachings. A king named Ashoka promoted Buddhism by sending Monks to to teach Buddhism.

What is their holy book and where do they worship?

Tripitoka is the earliest collection of teachings. Buddhists can worship at home with a separate room with a shrine, candles and an incense burner.

How many gods are in Buddhism?

There are no gods in Buddhism it teaches there is no creator god, but there is a buddha who teaches the eightfold path

Original Founder

The original founder is named siddharta Gautama, he was an Indian prince who lived a luxurious life in the palace, but he wanted to see the outside world. he went out 4 times each time he saw a different thing, a sick man, a poor man, a dead man, and a monk looking for a new life. Siddharta then gave up all his belongings and began his journey of enlightenment after 49 days of meditation he became enlightened

What Festivals do the have?

Vesak or Wesak, Vesak or Wesak is Buddhas birthday, which usually falls in late May or early June

How did Buddhism start?

small communities of Monks and Nuns wanted to know the Buddhas teachings A king named Ashoka promoted Buddhism by sending monks to teach Buddhism

Important Practices

Meditation, is in all forms of Buddhism.

Prayers, are important, the position is important aswell.

Chanting, is a way to focus the mind

Vegetarianism, many Buddhists are vegetarians, but some aren't the buddha never prohibited the consumption of meat


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