Tomorrow When the War Beagn

Plots in the novel/movie


In term two Ms Bedgegood and the class were reading the book Tomorrow When the War Began, and also watched the movie. The class has experienced the main plot/events of the book .

Main plots in the novel

#1 (camping)

The characters in the book are ( Ellie, Fi, Kevin, Lee, robyn, Corrie, Homer, and Chris). At the start of the novel Tomorrow when the War Bagan there were a group of seven teenage girls and boys going on a camp to Taylors Stich Hill. The second night they were camping

Ellie woke up to weird noises and lots of planes in the sky. They stayed at Taylors Stich Hill for about 3-4 days and those days were very tiring for them which made them wanting to go home.

#2 (showground)

When they arrived back at Wirrawee they found their homes completely empty with no power, internet, and telephone lines. The only light they could see in town was the hill overlooking Robyn's house and those lights were coming from the showground and hospital. They decided to go to the showground and find out what's happening. When they arrived, they see citizens from their town getting forced to stay back by a military group. Ellie has been spotted by searchlight, they try to run from it but get pressured by soldiers into the backyard of a house. Ellie, using Kevin's singlet, lighter and fuel tank from a ride-on lawn mower, creates an explosion to try and run away.

#3 (Friendship)

They all escape to corrie's house, they find that Lee and Robyn aren't there. Ellie and Corrie witness a jet fighter being shot down by an aircraft. Whilst everyone is gathered to discuss their return to Taylors Stich Hill a helicopter does an examination of the house. Homer shoots out to the searchlight of the helicopter, which the group run without giving in their lives. After they ran the jet destroys the home. That same night Ellie and Homer sneak back into town and found Robyn in her house. But Lee has been hurt, and is been treated by Dr Clements, which is the local dentist. Who informs them that the forces and aircrafts are bringing in their vehicles and equipment. After they return they meet up at a home to try and plan a way to go back to Taylors Stich Hill which is also called Hell because it looked scary.

#4 (planing)

On the way to Hell, they stopped at a school mates house, Chris. As Chris has no idea that there is a war going on. So Chris joins the group. They all return to Hell, with plans that protect them from the army forces. They hear a radio saying that Australia has been taken over by "The Coalition Nations" from nearby Asia. They also believe they have a right to use Australia's natural resources and wealth in order to help their growing populations. "The Coalition Nations" also reveal the three main areas being used to bring in their soldiers into the country is nearby Cobbler's Bay, and the only exit is from Heron Bridge. The group make their plans to destroy that bridge.

#5 (Heron Bridge)

The group sneaks back into Wirrawee, and have a plan to blow up the Heron Bridge. Ellie and Fi steal a petrol tanker from the council depot. They park near the bridge where know one can see the them, while waiting for the rest to take their positions. After the guards saw hem, they rush to drive the tanker under the bridge. Homer and Lee scare a herd of cattle onto the bridge, forcing the soldiers to run, allowing Ellie to park the tanker under the bridge. They all worked together, managing to explode the tank, which completely destroys the bridge. However Corrie has been shot as the group escapes the bridge. Kevin decides to drive Corrie, who is seriously injured, to the hospital as soon as possible. Meanwhile the group return to Hell.
Tomorrow When the War Began - Trailer