Costa Rica

San Jose

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in Central America—north of Panama and south of Nicaragua.It has a population of 982765 today.costa rica was in habited by an estimated amount of 4000000 indigenous Indians when Columbus explored it in 1502. Costa Rica had four tribes Caribs , borucas , chibchas , and disquis , when the eurepeons came and killed them and brought them as slaves. People also spook Latin American . Costa Rica actually means rich coast and San Jose means Joseph from the bible.

Map of Costa Rica


Airfare for a family of four is about 3,956 in San Jose Costa Rica.For a family of four ,San Jose -Aureola, holiday inn costs $568.19 for seven nights.also for a family four at Barcelo San Jose Palacio costs $224.32 for seven nights.

Arsenal volcano national park

Arenal Volcano is one of the world’s 10 most active volcanoes.The most recent major eruption occurred in 1998. Arenal Volcano National Park is around 90 km away from San Jose.

Gold museum

This museum has over 1600 artifacts. It even has it's very first gold coin.The museum’s collection displays locals works dating from 500 AD to 1500 AD.


Chef Camille Ratton marries French technique with fresh Central American ingredients.