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Camp especially for hearing loss

Our camp is the funnest and the safest in your local area, learn more about our camp on the box below.

Camp Fun, makes everything fun.Does not matter what your child can or can not do, he would have fun.Your child is very important to Camp Fun, we would take very good care of them, we even have especial workers and voluteers that have sing language expiriance.You may ask ,what makes Camp Fun special? Well we are the first local camp that allows your child to anything that every normal child can do.For example, swimm, rock climb, and even more.Safety is our first percaution with these fun events and activities.For example, we have life guards, we even have security in our entrence for any strangers.This camp is from June the 10th to July 1st.Also, this camp is free.

!!!Our Fun Activities At Camp Fun!!!

Come to our camp!!!!

We are the camp that your child would love.We would be glad to keep your child with us this summer. If you thought that you would never find a perfect camp for your child, come and check it out, you would never regret coming here.

What would be provided.

1:Blankets, pilows, sheets, and bedding.

2.Restroom, shower, talls, soap, and shampoo, also toothbrush and toothpaste.


What to bring.

1.If not want to use the things provided, or are alergic to something your child would be more than welcome to bring there own things.

2.Clothes, shoes, and personal things (deodorant) etc.

Free Camp Fun Registration

Thursday, May 23rd, 9pm

Camp Fun

Just be prepared too see the best camp.

For more information call our number (123)-456-7890. or visit our camp