Last Wednesday To Chat!

Join us as Fox Valley Tweets and the Tavern. 7:00-8:00pm

Get Ready to Tweet. We are going techie! Join us on our new en-devour!

We held our first ever Tweet at The Tavern event last Wednesday. We still have two more sessions. Please feel free to join us at the Claddagh from 7-8, Wednesday the 28th. Or sign-in to Twitter and use the #FVRClearns. Not sure what to do or haven't read the book but want to see what others have to say? All you have to do is put the hashtag into "search" and our tweets will show up. (Don't forget to refresh often) We hope you join us!

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Fox Valley Book Club

Wednesday, March 7th, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

Here's what you need to do-

First, purchase the book and then get reading! Anybody who signs up will have access to all of the questions prior to the Tweet. The book will be divided into three parts in order to prep for the chat.

Next, make sure you have a Twitter account. It's super easy to sign up and it's free! You can use your computer, smart phone or a tablet.

Then decided where you will be Tweeting from. If you are feeling insecure and need support to be a part of our Twitter chat just come on by the Claddagh. We will be there sipping on beverages and having a snack. We are there to support you. If you prefer to stay in your pj's and Tweet away from home- great! We will talk to you then.

Lastly, on the night of the scheduled Tweets, sign in to Twitter a few minutes before 7:00 PM and let everyone know you are there; while you are tweeting make sure you use the #FVRClearns after or before each comment you make so that everybody can see what others have to say. Have fun! This is an awesome way to connect and collaborate with other teachers in our area.